The scent of oak smoke first rose from our smokery kilns half a century ago. A local following grew and word started to spread.

British Airways placed orders for their First Class cabins. Harrods came calling for our smoked chicken, and Selfridges for wild smoked salmon.

Then Delia Smith discovered us. Springs had come top in a London blind tasting of the best smoked salmon, and she became a welcome customer.

At our shop you can buy our salmon just yards from where it is smoked. We’re lucky here, surrounded by the South Downs, fabulous walks and lovely country pubs. Come and see us.

An archive shot from the early 70s, of building the oak fires. Nothing’s changed. (Except we no longer wear flares.)

This is Nick, our Head Smoker. He’s smoked a lot of fish in his 30 years with us. Ambient atmospheric conditions, smoke densities… he can go into the tiniest detail with you. And will, if you’re not careful.

In the heyday of jet travel, Springs’ smoked salmon was served to A-listers, royalty and other premium passengers.

The Springs name grew rapidly through being chosen by the better food emporia.

If you’re going to be discovered by a cook, make it a legendary one.


Back in 1964, the Beatles were occupying all Top 5 positions in the US chart. James Bond was grappling with Goldfinger. And the Harris family were tentatively smoking their first salmon.

Inspired by a Suffolk relative, they replicated his kilns down here in Sussex, found the perfect local oak, and sourced a supply of the best salmon.

They added nothing but oak smoke, and learned that smoked salmon is ready in its own good time.

They never hurried it, and neither do we now.