Springs’ Smoked Kingfish: crowned

  • Springs’ Smoked Kingfish: crowned

    10 September, 2016

    We always knew our Smoked Yellowtail Kingfish was a bit of a coup.

    Exclusive to Springs following a trip to Australia, the kingfish is indigenous to the clear waters of Spencer Gulf, off the southern coast, where the Antarctic currents are rich in nutrients.

    The matchless simplicity of kingfish is highly prized by master sushi chefs: the firm, almost sweet flakes are a sublime marriage of texture and flavour. So we knew we should do nothing more than cure it traditionally with dry salt, and then smoke it slowly over Sussex oak for a leisurely 24 hours.

    Result: 2 stars (so an official rating of “Outstanding”) For Springs’ Smoked Kingfish in the Great Taste Awards 2016.