Here at Springs

We are a family business, everyone at Springs works so hard to provide you with the best service we can. We are a hardworking team that makes the best smoked products we believe in the world

Important Answers to your Questions

***Your Smoked Salmon will arrive with a minimum of 30 days use by date***

**Your Smoked Salmon will last a minimum of 7 days once opened (kept refrigerated).**

*Your Salmon will taste like none other you have had before*

4 days to produce our wonderful smoked salmon, filleting, curing, and then smoking for over 24hrs, resting and then slicing. 6 days for Gravadlax.

We send by courier. We will give you freshly produced products with a long use by date, if by chance we don’t have a product quite ready we will call or email you to let you know. 

Unfortunately while we would love to be able to specify a delivery time we just don’t have the capabilities to do so.

If we send your order out using parcel force we can only detach orders Monday to Thursday. We cannot send goods out on a Friday as Parcel Force don’t guarantee delivery next day, and if they don’t deliver the goods, they could be left for 3 days at a sorting office and our ices pack won’t last that long to keep the item cool.

All orders sent out by us using parcel force are either sent in a polystyrene box with ice packs, or in insulated parcel packaging with ice packs. It all depends on the size of the order/product. This will keep your items cold in time for your delivery

We use a next day am delivery service.

On the delivery costs, we pay between £12/15 for a next day am delivery service, then ice and packaging can cost us up to £5. It may seem expensive but when we have used the standard next day service we are not guaranteed any service level. If we could do it cheaper we would. We do offers of carriage paid and promotions that include the carriage.

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